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Are you starting a new business? We help entrepreneurs establish their businesses. Would you like a coach to assist you in developing your business and plans? Do you need help generating awareness with a small budget? Do you need guidance in refocusing your efforts, driving sales, increasing revenue, developing creative marketing tactics, and lead generation systems? Fracica Enterprises, Inc. can help.

Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Fracica Enterprises, Inc., is a consulting firm that focuses on business, marketing, and training solutions that helps companies more effectively market themselves without breaking their budget. The biggest problem most businesses face is a lack of funding. There is no substitute for proper funding but there are ways to overcome or at least maximize your available funds. Andy Fracica is an author, professional speaker, and a marketing coach.

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Navigating the Marketing Maze

By Andy Fracica

Navigating the Marketing MazePlease visit our book website to purchase your personalized, autographed copy of Navigating the Marketing Maze and immediately receive three (3) eBooks from International best-selling author, Patrick Snow, Best-selling author Mark Matteson, and internationally known author Susan Friedmann. The books are Creating Your Own Destiny, Sales Success Stories, and 7 Secret Motivators that Drive Your Customers to the Buy Button (You will receive a download link after purchase.) Books are now in stock and flying off the shelves. This is offer is an $85 value! Click here to purchase a copy of Navigating the Marketing Maze. Visit the fan page on Facebook and “Like” the page.

Should You Market for Awareness?

By Andy Fracica

What are you doing to make potential customers aware of your business? What is the most important thing you can do to position your company to capitalize on future business? What do you do when most of the population doesn’t need your product or service right now? Experts teach contractors to put ads in the paper, run TV commercials, or run radio spots. You place ads in the local school football programs, participate in the preseason programs that manufacturers run in the spring and in the fall, and you put door hangers on houses around the house where your techs are working. All of those efforts we just mentioned are for business now, but how do you prepare for future business? In a sense, all marketing efforts boil down to..." read the full article

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